• The Difference Between an Onsite Venue Coordinator & a Wedding Planner

    Often times when working with brides who are contemplating a day-of-coordinator but also have an onsite venue coordinator provided by their venue I am asked what the difference is between my services & the services the onsite coordinator will provide. Why would a day-of-coordinator still be necessary? I am here to tell you that while an onsite coordinator is wonderful, and a huge asset to a wedding planner, having a day of coordinator has an added value that an onsite coordinator is unable to provide. 

    First, I'd like to point out that a venue coordinator obviously works for the venue. Their job is to show you the venue, sell you their services for your wedding day and act as a liaison between you and the catering staff. They will ensure that the venue is meeting their contractual obligations to you. They have a lot of great information about the venue. They know what is allowed, what floor plans have worked best in the past, where the best place for the DJ to set up is due to power sources, ect. Usually you will work with the venue coordinator in the early stages of booking your venue and then the majority of communication stops until about a month or two prior to your wedding. Then you'll be in touch to determine some small details such as the layout of the reception, location of the ceremony, tastings and finalizing the menu but overall the venue coordinator isn't aware of the small details you have been pouring your heart and soul into for months on end. This is where a wedding planner starts to differ.

    As a wedding planner, often times, I will work with a couple from the very beginning. Sometimes I am brought on a few months after the initial planning has begun when brides realize that this process is a bit overwhelming and that they need help. I am aware of every little detail that you have put time and energy into from day one. I know your vision seamlessly and am able to ensure that it is executed flawlessly. In addition to being in touch with your ideal ambiance, I am also not working for anyone else. I am working for you! Your wishes, dreams, and happiness are my only priority. When a venue coordinator may not be available during the reception because they are working hard to keep the dinner moving, a wedding planner is there to tend to your every need.

    In addition to being available to you, without any distractions on your wedding day, we also ensure that ALL vendors are meeting their contractual obligations. Meaning we ensure the photographer isn't leaving early because he/she got all of the shots they feel they needed in 6 hours - they're staying the full 8 hours they agreed to & possibly capturing the hilarious moment your grandma gets down on the dance floor. We are also overseeing the timeline and series of events. We'll be sure to let you know when you have five minutes before the cake cutting and we will also make sure the photographer is there to capture it rather than taking five minutes to eat a quick dinner and that the DJ has the song ready and isn't preparing to play the cupid shuffle. It also our responsibility to load up the gifts and be sure that there is a designated person to take them home so that none are accidently left at the venue. When a venue coordinator often leaves after dinner is served leaving his or her staff to over see the rest of the evening a wedding planner is the last vendor to leave the building. 

    A wedding planner is capable of making your wedding day a dream in every aspect. I promise you wont even know that the best man forgot his dress socks (have no fear, I'll have a few extra pair!). The bottom line is that while a venue coordinator is a great asset even the best venue coordinator cannot take the place of a wedding planner or day-of-coordinator. 

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